NY Strip Shell Steak - Angus - 10 oz. - 2 pcs

NY Strip Shell Steak - Angus - 10 oz. - 2 pcs

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2 pieces - 10 oz. each 

We call these our "fathers day cut". As these beauties are created  from the absolute center of the loin (no end cuts for you). These well-marbled steaks are incredibly juicy and full of well marbled flavor. They have a firm texture, full of beefy flavor, and only cut from pure Angus stock.

We have been using the same local NJ master butchers (Lou and Bosco) for over 25 years, and he carves these steaks especially for us.  

Our master butchers expertly trim these steaks with the precision of an artist. Bosco and his team remove the exterior fat to create a leaner, more flavorful experience. 

Our flash-freezing process stops aging and safety concerns almost immediately. Your cut is never stored above freezing temperatures until you are ready to eat.