Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese


(2.5 lbs - Feeds 4) 

Here was our goal: To create an easy to bake macaroni and cheese that is comforting, satisfying, and ultimately mind blowing.

We should be as proud of our macaroni and cheese as we are of our lasagna, fresh Mozzarella, and most glorious pasta sauce.  Please make no mistake...our Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese is not a "low end", "out of the box", salt, sugar, and preservative laden quick meal. This is a wonderfully comforting pasta dish, just as sophisticated as any delicacy that you can find in Italy.

We start with 1.5 inch medium pasta shells in order to catch all of the delicious sauce. The cheese we use is procured from Cabot Creamery in Vermont. Chef Nick has constructed a blend of seriously extra sharp white cheddar, and yellow cheddar that produces a complex, almost nutty flavor and aroma.
For our macaroni and cheese we had to have a crust that was both crunchy, flavorful, golden hue, and not dry. We found the perfect topping in a small batch panko bread crumb that we happen to stumble upon. 
You can bake this frozen at 375' for about an hour. I like to blast it on broil for about 3 min to finish it off to a perfect gooey, golden crunch.